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Caleb DeVost

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Office Manager / Legal Assistant

Caleb DeVost

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Personal Life and Early Career:

Caleb DeVost, a New Hampshire native, spent his formative years in Arkansas. Here, he attended an unconventional boarding high school that placed a unique emphasis on music and agriculture. The school, set in a pastoral and remote location, provided a diverse learning environment. In 2014, he earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. It’s worth noting that at the time, UALR was the only university with a Big Lots on campus, adding a quirky charm to his educational journey.

After graduation, Caleb served as the customer service manager for a Little Rock-based startup. Despite the company’s untimely dissolution, Caleb utilized the experience to learn invaluable lessons about business. He subsequently explored a variety of professional fields, including film production in Arkansas and California, artisanal popsicle creation in Boulder, Colorado, and architectural model building in Los Angeles. Eventually, he made his way back to New Hampshire to embark on a career in the legal field with Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC.

Caleb is an avid traveler and has ventured to nearly 30 countries around the globe. His unique experiences include an unexpected stint of domestic servitude in Bolivia, a brief encounter with an armed soldier in the jungles of southeastern Bangladesh, and an enlightening conversation with an Orthodox priest in Bulgaria about American literature.

When he’s not working or globetrotting, Caleb enjoys woodworking, photography, and origami. He also has a passion for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and caving. Through these diverse experiences and interests, he continues to grow and evolve both professionally and personally.