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A police officer on foot in front of a squad car, holding up one hand in signal for driver or pedestrian to stop; being stopped by police.
What Are My Rights When Being Stopped By Police?

For many people, being stopped by the police can be an uncomfortable or even scary experience. Whether the situation involves being pulled over while driving or stopped as they make their way down a sidewalk, having a police officer’s attention focused on them may make many feel as though they have done something wrong, even when they know they have not.

An aspiring commercial truck driver in the seat of a semi-truck, preparing for CDL test.
What Is A Commercial Driver’s License?

Not all driver’s licenses are the same. The most familiar type of driver’s license allows the individual to whom it is issued to operate cars, SUVs, and trucks. However, there is another type of license for commercial vehicles: a commercial driver’s license.

Woman sitting on floor, hugging her knees and crying
Emotional Abuse During Divorce

Divorce is almost always rife with challenges, regardless of the circumstances. When emotional abuse is involved, these challenges can be even more difficult to deal with.

A decision between a trial and a plea bargain illustrated with chalk on a street.
How Do Plea Deals Work?

Plea deals represent a vital element of the criminal justice system, and they provide an alternative to full-length trial proceedings. Through this legal tool, it is possible to expedite judicial proceedings and even secure lesser penalties.

Pedestrian lying contorted in roadway in front of stopped car; young woman calling emergency services on mobile phone; soft tissue injuries from car accident.
Soft Tissue Injuries From Car Accidents

Car crashes caused by another driver’s carelessness are always inconvenient. They can also be expensive if they leave you with painful bodily harm and property damage.

Divorcing partners discussing options for putting their home on the market; divorce and mortgage payments concept.
Divorce and Mortgage Payments

The often challenging process of divorce can take an emotional and financial toll on all involved. For many spouses seeking a dissolution of their marriage

A pen tip rests on a white piece of paper on top of a yellow folder. The white paper says “Expungement: Do you know about it?” and has two checkboxes for yes and no beneath the question.
Expungements – Clearing Your Criminal History

Unfortunately, many people judge others based on their past actions. If you happen to have a criminal record, you may have problems finding employment or even housing.

Blind spot in vehicle side mirror
Accidents Caused By Blind Spots

There are many dangers when driving a motor vehicle. From poor weather to poor road conditions, from distracted drivers to vehicles that malfunction

A closeup view of a judge signing a divorce decree across the desk from the divorcing couple; one of their wedding rings rests on the corner of the judge’s paper.
Contested Vs Uncontested Divorce

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2021, both marriages and divorces were down from the levels they were at in 2011.

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