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When the unexpected burden of criminal charges looms over an individual or family in Laconia, one law firm stands out in its unwavering commitment to justice: Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC. Our seasoned lawyers are more than just defenders of the accused; they are guardians of the law.

See how 50 combined years of experience can help you. Give yourself a fighting chance by contacting Friedman & Bresaw online or calling us at (603) 707-4800.

Why Choose Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC?

Decades of Expertise:

  • Our criminal defense attorneys, backed by a combined experience that spans over 50 years, have dealt with many criminal cases ranging from domestic violence to more severe charges.
  • We understand the intricate details of New Hampshire’s criminal justice system, ensuring every client gets the best legal advice.

Comprehensive Practice Areas:

  • We excel in criminal defense and adeptly handle matters of family law and personal injury, offering a well-rounded suite of legal services.
  • Our understanding of diverse areas like family law can be particularly beneficial in cases where criminal charges intersect with domestic disputes or custodial battles.

Client-Focused Approach:

  • At Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC, clients are not just case numbers. The firm emphasizes building an attorney-client relationship founded on trust and transparency.
  • We prioritize clients’ needs, always striving for the best possible outcomes, whether in court or through negotiations.

The Power of Knowledge

Education can be the first line of defense. From understanding your rights during an arrest to the intricacies of New Hampshire’s criminal codes, Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC is here to empower and educate our clients, helping to prevent additional legal complications before they arise.

Knowledge of local law can make a significant difference when facing the criminal justice system in Laconia, NH, and we have deep roots in the Laconia community. 

From relationships with law enforcement to familiarity with local ordinances and even knowing the particular tendencies of local judges, our intimate understanding of local nuances can provide an added advantage in defense.

Understanding Criminal Defense with Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC

A Glimpse into Key Charges:

  • Domestic Violence: Often linked with family law, the approach is sensitive yet assertive.
  • Assault Charges: Whether an assault or a more serious charge, we are equipped to provide the best defense strategy.
  • Drug-Related Offenses: With the ever-evolving landscape of drug laws, we stay updated to protect clients’ rights vigorously.

Associations and Accolades: 

The legal team at Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC is an active part of the:

  • New Hampshire Bar Association – ensuring they stay abreast of the latest legal ethics and practices.
  • American Bar Association – guaranteeing a national perspective on state-focused matters.

Public vs. Private Defense: 

While the New Hampshire Public Defender offers legal services, especially for indigent criminal defendants, there are distinct benefits to opting for a private criminal defense attorney from Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC:

  • Customized Representation: Each case is unique. The firm provides tailored defense strategies rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Prompt Communication: Unlike overburdened public defenders, our lawyers ensure timely communication, keeping clients informed at every step.

The Role of Technology in Modern Defense

In an age of digital forensics and online evidence, Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC prides itself on staying abreast of the latest technological advancements in the legal sphere. 

We employ various modern tools and techniques to ensure every digital stone is unturned, from analyzing social media footprints to leveraging cybersecurity experts for digital evidence reviews.

Navigating Criminal Cases in Laconia

From the moment charges are levied to the potential trials in courts like the Belknap County Superior Court, Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC offers guidance: 

  1. Preliminary Assessments: Initial sessions at our law office determine the course of action, often at no cost.
  2. District Court Proceedings: We assist in preliminary hearings, ensuring a robust initial defense.
  3. Superior Court Trials: Our trial experience in superior courts becomes invaluable if the case escalates.
  4. Appeals: Should there be a need, we’re equipped to represent clients in the New Hampshire Supreme Court, ensuring every legal avenue is explored..

Wrapping It Up

In Laconia, NH, where the balance of justice can be delicate and criminal charges threaten to disrupt lives, the presence of a dedicated and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney becomes invaluable. Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC is a beacon of hope for many, ensuring the law serves the just and justice serves the law.

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See how 50 combined years of experience can help you.

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