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If you’re facing a family law challenge, having an attorney in your corner who will argue on behalf of your interests is crucial. Issues such as divorce and child custody can become highly personal matters, and having a lawyer who you can trust to advocate for what’s most important to you is critical. 

The Meredith family law attorneys at Friedman & Bresaw serve clients throughout Belknap County, Carroll County, and the entire state of New Hampshire with compassion, respect, and care. We believe guiding clients through the legal maze of their family law situation is the least we can do. When you work with us, you get attentive attorneys who pay attention to the details of your individual case and offer solutions or advice to address your concerns.

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Guiding Clients through Divorce & Child Support Cases in Belknap County, Carroll County & Statewide

Dealing with a legal matter involving your family, such as divorce or child custody, can rank among the most challenging times in your life. Having lawyers poke into your private affairs during the process doesn’t make anything feel less difficult. We understand the unease you may already be feeling with your lawsuit, which is why our Meredith and Belknap County family law attorneys at Friedman & Bresaw will strive to treat you with respect and care while protecting your interests. We’re aware of what our clients are most concerned about:
  • Who will get the house?
  • What happens to our savings account?
  • What about all of the credit card debt we shared?
  • How often will I get to see my kids?
The answers are different in every case. We care about what the outcomes of your case will mean for your life after all of this is done. Whether that means continuing to play an active role in your children’s lives or safeguarding against financial ruin during a divorce, we want our clients to lead fulfilling lives after enduring difficult times.

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Family Law Cases We Can Help You Fight Include:
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