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Child Custody

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Child Custody Lawyer Meredith NH
Your children are very much part of you, and losing even partial custody over them can feel like losing a part of who you are. If the thought of losing any time with your children alarms or frightens you, seek legal help with your case in Meredith. At Friedman & Bresaw, our child custody lawyers in Belknap County, Carroll County, and statewide help residents reach favorable outcomes when their parental rights are called into question. We will work with you to help the court see you as the capable and loving parent you know you are.

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Types of Child Custody in Meredith

When the court decides child custody in Belknap or Carroll counties, the ultimate goal isn’t to punish one parent or the other – it’s to make sure your child has the best possible life. There’s nearly a dozen factors the court will take into account when it awards full or partial custody, but each is geared toward ensuring your child will be loved, cared for, and free from harm.

Two types of child custody cover different aspects of parenting:

  • Decision-Making Responsibility: Parents with legal custody are permitted to make decisions for their children such as education, health care, and religious upbringing.
  • Residential Responsibility and Parenting Schedule: Physical custody determines where and with whom the child will live during the week. This is usually decided based upon which parent’s living accommodations and work schedule would be the least disruptive to the child’s life. When one parent has sole physical custody, the other parent is often required to pay child support.

Parents seeking to cooperate and split responsibility over their children can develop a parenting plan. The goal of this plan is to suggest how the court should award custody and visitation, but merely serves as a suggestion for a judge’s final orders on these matters.

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Reasons Your Right to Parent May Be Challenged
Divorce is a common springboard for child custody cases, but other reasons your right to parent may be challenged include accusations or convictions for:

Including allegations related to an unsafe environment or situations.

Including charges related to technical and very minor violations to a willful and significant ones.

Including allegations related to isolation, estrangement, and parental hostility.

Including allegations related to abuse, battery, and endangerment.

Including allegations related to issues with alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs.

Including charges related to physical abuse and molestation, exposure, and other sexual offenses.

Including allegations related to physical and emotional abuse.

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