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No one will fault you for feeling angry, confused, or at unease when you’re dealing with a divorce or considering whether or not you should pursue one.  The partners at Friedman & Bresaw are committed to assisting our clients through the steps of a divorce in Belknap County and beyond with as much attention paid to detail as possible in order to seek favorable results.

If divorce feels overwhelming, get legal help from lawyers who will care about you. Contact Friedman & Bresaw online or call us at (603) 707-4800 today for a free consultation.

Restraining Orders During Divorce in Belknap County

During a difficult divorce, you may feel threatened by an abusive spouse. If this is the case, you can file for a domestic violence restraining order to eliminate contact with your abuser. Because you will need to convince a judge that you have been abused in the past and fear for your future safety, having a lawyer help you build an argument that favors your protection through a restraining order is critical. At Friedman & Bresaw, protecting our clients’ rights includes protecting their sense of liberty and peace of mind. If you fear for your safety during a divorce, let us know as soon as possible so we can get you the relief you need now.

If you get a restraining order in Meredith, Belknap County, Carroll County or statewide, your spouse will not only be prohibited from contacting you, but they will be prohibited from possessing weapons, such as firearms, and will be required to surrender any they already own to law enforcement. Your order will also prohibit your spouse from abusing any of your relatives, damaging your property, or hurting your pets.

A restraining order during a divorce can also include the following provisions and more:

  • Allow you exclusive residence in a property you jointly own with your spouse.
  • Order your spouse make payments for insurance, vehicles, mortgages, or rent.
  • Establish a temporary parenting plan.
  • Order your spouse to attend domestic violence and batterer intervention programs.

If your spouse is making you feel unsafe during a divorce, contact us online or call (603) 707-4800 now to get the protection you need.

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Whether you’re on the serving or receiving end of a divorce in Meredith, Belknap, or Carroll County, having a lawyer walk you through its complicated process can make things go more smoothly.
Assets and property acquired during the length of your marriage are subject to equal division.
One spouse may need to make regular payments to the other to maintain their standard of living.
Residential responsibility over children can be divided between parents, or awarded to one entirely.
A non-custodial parent may be required to make regular child support payments to their ex-spouse that will pay for clothing, food, shelter, and other aspects of the child’s life.
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