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In Manchester, NH, there are several child custody cases, primarily resulting from divorce and break-ups. When parents decide to split, it’s the children who suffer the most, which is why judges take custody cases with a lot of solicitude. This is why you need a well-versed and experienced child custody attorney in Manchester, NH, who knows what it takes to win such cases.

The family court law’s decree usually decides child custody cases in Manchester, NH. However, there are times when the parties manage to solve issues in the middle of the conflict without resorting to the court. That said, in the worst cases, the services of a child custody attorney can be quite helpful.

Understanding Child Custody Laws in Manchester, NH

In child custody cases, judges put children’s care as the primary concern, as kids have to contend with the new life changes. Child custody consists of the privilege of a parent or both of them to bring up their progeny and fulfill their responsibilities as parents. 

Even though not all child custody cases in Manchester, NH, end up in court, the courts always prioritize the child’s best interest when legal intervention is needed.

In 2005, the state of New Hampshire passed into law the Parental Rights and Responsibilities Statute, also called RSA 461-A. The law seeks to distinguish the rights and responsibilities of parents (whether separated or unmarried) when it comes to their children born outside a marriage or in divorce.

The New Hampshire RSA 461 law dictates guidelines for determining parental rights, including decision-making authority and residential arrangements. Additionally, RSA 461-A sets forth procedures for modifying custody arrangements and enforcing court orders related to parental responsibilities.

Child Custody Types in Manchester, NH

In New Hampshire, custody arrangements typically fall into three categories: full, sole, and joint. The Family Division of the Circuit Courts primarily handles family hearings in the state. If you’re in Manchester, the Family Division of the 9th Circuit Court will likely hear your case.

Here’s a breakdown of the child custody arrangements in Manchester, NH:

  • Full custody: A judge chooses one parent and makes them responsible for the caretaking and decision-making regarding the child. Another parent may be permitted to have visitation rights.  
  • Sole custody: One parent is the sole legal and physical custodian of the child, and therefore, they have the final say on all the matters concerning the child’s education, health, visitation from the other parent, and other welfare.  
  • Joint custody: Both parents have legal and physical custody of their child, thus allowing them to make joint decisions and share time with their kids by scheduling in advance.

In Manchester, NH, any revisions to a custody agreement must be justified by substantial changes in circumstances, such as job changes or dealing with children not involved in the previous marriage. 

For this, you need to file an application with the court to review the old parenting plan and offer a fresh one as a replacement. 

The Manchester courts’ online forms can be helpful for this procedure, as they can make the procedure more accessible for the petitioners.

Putting Your Parental Rights First

Friedman & Bresaw, a PLLC in Manchester, NH, is highly skilled in handling child custody cases. With years of experience in family law, we are ready to help you navigate the challenges in child custody cases. 

From a complete case review to dedicated advocacy, Friedman & Bresaw PLLC protects parents’ rights while supporting the child’s welfare. We also cover every kind of arrangement, whether through litigation or negotiation.  

Our personalized strategies guarantee your interests are protected. We are a well-known figure in the region’s child custody issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have a child custody lawyer?

Having a child custody lawyer is essential because they provide legal expertise, simplify complex legal processes, and develop personalized strategies for families. Their negotiation skills can lead to amicable solutions, ensuring the child’s well-being and preserving familial bonds during custody disputes.

Why should the child's best interests be a priority in custody disputes?

The child’s best interests should be a priority in custody disputes to ensure their well-being and stability. Lawyers like those at Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC focus on creating parenting plans that detail custody schedules and decision-making for the child’s education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities, promoting a supportive environment for the child’s growth.

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