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In Manchester, NH, selecting the right divorce attorney is vital for navigating the complexities of divorce to protect one’s rights and ensure a smooth process. These attorneys are not just legal representatives; they are partners who understand the emotional and financial toll of divorce. They offer personalized strategies to align with their client’s unique situations, allowing individuals to approach the divorce process confidently and start anew with the necessary support.

Understanding Divorce Laws in Manchester, NH

In Manchester, NH, understanding local divorce laws is crucial for individuals considering or undergoing a divorce. New Hampshire allows for both fault and no-fault divorces, with specific grounds outlined for fault divorces, such as adultery and habitual drunkenness.

The state follows an equitable distribution model for dividing marital property, which means assets are divided fairly but not necessarily equally, considering factors like income and contributions to the marriage. Additionally, when children are involved, decisions regarding custody and support are made based on the best interests of the child, considering aspects like parental stability and the child’s needs.

Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC, with decades of experience in New Hampshire, navigates clients through these complexities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and strategic approach to divorce laws in Manchester, NH.

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney in Manchester, NH

Selecting an adept divorce attorney in Manchester, NH, becomes paramount for anyone aiming to navigate the intricacies of divorce proceedings effectively. Given the complex legal landscape highlighted previously, individuals need a lawyer who not only comprehends New Hampshire’s divorce laws but also offers personalized support and strategic advice tailored to their unique circumstances. Here are key considerations for choosing the right legal representative:

Identify Expertise and Experience: Prospects should seek attorneys with a profound understanding of both fault and no-fault divorce proceedings.

Evaluate Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial. The right attorney should be accessible, promptly respond to inquiries, and communicate complex legal concepts in understandable terms. This ensures clients are well-informed throughout their proceedings.

Assess Negotiation and Litigation Skills: Divorce cases often require skillful negotiation and, at times, assertive litigation. Selecting a lawyer with a proven track record in both areas can be instrumental in securing a favorable outcome.

Consider Compatibility: Emotional support is invaluable during a divorce. Clients should choose an attorney with whom they feel comfortable sharing sensitive information, as this professional bond can significantly impact the process’s efficiency and the overall experience.

By focusing on these aspects, individuals can ensure they partner with a divorce attorney in Manchester, NH, that aligns with their needs, offering the requisite expertise, communication, and support to navigate their divorce proceedings successfully.

What to Expect During the Divorce Process

Friedman & Bresaw has extensive experience in handling divorce cases and assists clients through the entire divorce process. This process begins with filing a Petition for Divorce and includes a critical discovery phase where both parties exchange information on assets and debts. For families with children, custody arrangements are made with the children’s best interests at heart. The firm also aids in negotiations over asset division and alimony, adhering to New Hampshire’s equitable distribution laws. If necessary, they are prepared to take the case to trial, where a judge will make final decisions on unresolved issues. Throughout this process, Friedman & Bresaw ensures clear communication and provides strategic guidance tailored to the client’s needs for an equitable resolution in divorce proceedings.

How to Prepare for Your Divorce Case

Preparing for a divorce case involves strategic planning and organization, especially in Manchester, NH, where the proceedings demand a comprehensive understanding of New Hampshire divorce laws. To protect individual rights and secure favorable outcomes, preparing for a divorce case necessitates a detailed approach.

  1. Gather Financial Documents: Divorce often involves asset division, so compiling financial records is crucial. Documents, including bank statements, tax returns, income statements, and debt information, clearly depict the marital estate.
  2. List Marital Property and Debts: Accurately listing all marital assets and liabilities helps in the equitable distribution process. This list should include everything from real estate, vehicles, and valuable personal property to credit card debts and loans.
  3. Document Child Custody Preferences: If children are involved, drafting a proposed custody arrangement that prioritizes the children’s best interests is essential. The children’s daily schedules, education, and healthcare needs should be considered.
  4. Identify Personal Goals: Understanding one’s objectives, whether related to asset division, custody, or alimony, guides the attorney in strategizing for negotiations or litigation.
  5. Select an Experienced Divorce Attorney: Partnering with a divorce attorney with a deep understanding of Manchester, NH divorce laws and strong negotiation skills ensures personalized guidance and effective advocacy.
  6. Prepare Mentally and Emotionally: Acknowledging the emotional aspects of a divorce is vital. Seeking support from professionals or support groups can provide stability during this time.

Armed with these preparations, individuals can confidently approach their divorce proceedings, knowing they have the necessary information, goals, and expert legal representation to navigate the complexities of Manchester, NH, divorce laws effectively.

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Hiring a skilled divorce attorney in Manchester, NH offers several benefits for those going through the process of ending a marriage. Divorce attorneys help clients understand and navigate New Hampshire’s divorce laws, including issues related to fault and no-fault divorces and the equitable distribution of assets.

Friedman & Bresaw provides strategic planning to anticipate challenges and prepare accordingly, which helps reduce surprises and emotional stress. We also specialize in negotiation and advocacy, securing agreements that align with our client’s interests and vigorously representing them in court when needed.

Additionally, our lawyers offer emotional support and objective advice throughout the process, acting as trusted advisors who prioritize children’s best interests and strive for amicable settlements. Overall, a divorce attorney can ease the legal complexities while offering strategic, emotional, and practical support during this difficult time.


Choosing the right divorce attorney in Manchester, NH, is crucial to securing a favorable outcome in your divorce proceedings. With the guidance of our experienced legal professionals at Friedman & Bresaw, PLLC, navigating the complexities of divorce laws becomes more manageable. Our expertise in handling equitable distribution and custody matters and providing emotional support ensures that your interests are well-represented. Remember, the right attorney doesn’t just fight for your rights; they offer the strategic planning and objective advice necessary to move forward. Make an informed decision to safeguard your future and ease the transition during this challenging time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the divorce grounds in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, divorce can be filed on both fault and no-fault grounds. Fault-based grounds include adultery, extreme cruelty, and habitual drunkenness, among others, while no-fault divorce is typically filed under irreconcilable differences that have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage.

How does New Hampshire handle the distribution of marital property?

New Hampshire follows the principle of equitable distribution. This means marital property is divided in a fair but not necessarily equal way. Factors considered may include each spouse’s contributions, economic circumstances, and the duration of the marriage, among others.

What are the benefits of hiring a divorce attorney?

Hiring a divorce attorney in Manchester, NH, offers numerous benefits, including strategic planning, expert negotiation, and effective advocacy in court. They provide emotional support, help clients navigate legal complexities, gather necessary documentation, and give objective advice to achieve the best possible outcome in divorce proceedings.

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