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Author: Jesse Friedman

Blind spot in vehicle side mirror
Accidents Caused By Blind Spots

There are many dangers when driving a motor vehicle. From poor weather to poor road conditions, from distracted drivers to vehicles that malfunction

A closeup view of a judge signing a divorce decree across the desk from the divorcing couple; one of their wedding rings rests on the corner of the judge’s paper.
Contested Vs Uncontested Divorce

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2021, both marriages and divorces were down from the levels they were at in 2011.

A stethoscope on top of several fanned out twenty dollar bills.
How Are Medical Bills Paid After A Car Accident?

How are medical bills paid after a car accident? Victims of car accidents are typically responsible for funding their medical expenses directly after these incidents, even if another party caused the victim’s vehicle to crash.

A tense married couple sitting side-by-side on a couch in a therapist’s
7 Steps Before You Ask For A Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally, financially, and legally complex life-changing situation. Before you ask for a divorce

Man sitting at table across from police investigator, holding up his hands in refusal; exercising his right to remain silent while waiting for an attorney.
Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right To Be Silent

One essential component of the American judicial system is the right to remain silent. This important right, guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and binding throughout all 50 states

Closeup image of male patient demonstrating limited shoulder mobility to medical practitioner.
 How Long After an Accident Can You Claim an Injury?

In the days and weeks following injuries, individuals who have suffered accidents as the result of another party’s negligence may face busy schedules filled with medical appointments, police reports, insurance claims, and consultations.

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